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The original Any Year - Any Mileage service contract in America. AUL is one of the easiest programs for your dealership to use. We offer competitive rates, same day claims payment, day one coverage, and we are Nationally Underwritten by an "A" Rated Insurance Company. Your customers will love doing business with us, we pay retail labor rates and list price for parts, they can bring their vehicle to any repair shop that has a certified mechanic on hand. If you would like some more information on selling the AUL program at your dealership please give us a call

Portfolio manages hundreds of dealer-owned reinsurance companies across the nation. These companies receive the premiums from automobile dealerships' aftermarket sales of vehicle service contracts, GAP coverage, appearance protection and other insurance-based products. Portfolio is the dealer's best choice because it is founded on your 100% ownership of the reinsurance company that receives the premium dollars from aftermarket sales.

Wise Compliance is a necessary product for today’s dealerships. New laws are enacted constantly that effect the way a dealership must run its business, report its finances and protect its customers. Dealerships are required to be abide by these laws, as well as keep all their employees well-informed on their legal responsibilities.

Wise Compliance Program Highlights:
  • Ten unique PowerPoint presentations, including voice.
  • Addresses issues such as required federal compliance, sexual harassment, diversity, Magnuson-Moss and truth in lending.
  • The ability to change training presentations immediately as current laws change and court decisions are handed down which may change legal interpretations.
  • Includes all of the required compliance documentation for six laws and also a Document Package (24 total) containing all sales and F&I agreements.
  • Wise Compliance is web-based and easy to access 24/7.


KEYper Systems, based in Harrisburg, NC is a global company committed to providing you  with the best solutions in key storage and key  management, padlock management for your "lock out / tag out" procedures, security guard tour monitoring systems, and asset control of equipment.   We offer multiple products that utilize a key box to manage and control keys and take the worry off your plate of who has the keys! Key control is a number one security issue for any industry, let KEYper Systems key boxes give you the key control you need.